Bulletin Announcements — 10/01/17


“This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)   We sincerely welcome any visitors this morning to Peace Reformed Church.  May you be blessed through the worship of our most High God.  Please sign the guest registry in the back of the church.

Today we are grateful to God for His merciful provision for us the last fifty years! We are pleased to welcome Rev. Paul Treick and his wife Karen back to Peace Reformed Church to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary as a congregation.

On Sunday, October 8th, we will be observing the Lord’s Supper together.  Members of other churches who hold to the same faith as we do concerning the Lord’s Supper (see Heidelberg Catechism Q&A #’s 75-82) and who are in good and regular standing within their own congregations, and who have sought permission from the Pastor and Elders prior to the service are all invited to partake with us.  Permission slips are available on the lectern in the fellowship hall for future Lord’s Supper dates.

Today, we are going to be combining our Harvest Home/Mission Fest with a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Peace Reformed Church.  We will be having a meal together following the worship service.

There will be no food collected this year for Harvest Home.  We will do a food collection closer to Christmas this year, and there will be more details about that to come in the near future.

The Children’s Choir will practice next Sunday, October 8th, after the worship service.

The Adult Sunday School class has begun a five part study on the five “solas” of Reformed Theology beginning this morning. All are invited to be part of that class. Next Sunday: Faith Alone, Sola Fide.

Our Men’s Fellowship will meet again on Saturday, October 14th, at 8 AM.  We will continue studying The First Head of Doctrine from the Canons of Dort.

Please remember to pray for: Consistory and Spiritual Council, our nation, the pro-life cause, the sanctity of marriage, The President, our RCUS mission works, Gay Grant,  Esther Bockelman, Bruce Rettig, Rhea Bockelman, Corwin Starr, Thea Bockelman, the people of Houston, TX and Florida

Greeters Next Week – Jason & Jo Demland


  • This Week – Jordon Bockelman & Patty Bockelman
  • Next Week – Patty Bockelman & T. Bockelman

PRC Birthdays this Week: October 3rd Saela Bockelman

PRC Anniversaries this Week: October 1st Steve & Bianca Altman